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Mom (HD, TV-14) A newly sober single mom is trying her best to be a good mother and overcome a history of questionable choices and pitfalls in Napa Valley.
The Big Bang Theory The Prestidigitation Approximation (HD, TV-14) Leonard is forced to choose between his new girlfriend and his long-time friendship with Penny; Howard drives Sheldon crazy with a magic trick he showed him.
The Goldbergs Adam Spielberg (HD, TV-PG) Adam's love for director Steven Spielberg leads him to film an original script that he wrote about Indiana Jones, but his passion for directing is questioned.
The Big Bang Theory The Cohabitation Formulation (HD, TV-PG) Howard gives serious consideration to taking things with Bernadette to the next level; Leonard rekindles the relationship he had with Raj's sister.
The Big Bang Theory The Toast Derivation (HD, TV-14) Sheldon has a difficult time coping when he realizes the fact that Leonard is the center of their social group, so he sets out to find a new group of friends.
Modern Family The Wedding, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Mitch and Cam think they're ready for anything until everything starts flying apart and their wedding planner starts doing what he can to keep the peace.
The Partridge Family Star Quality (TV-G) Danny earnestly contemplates leaving the band, even to the point where he holds try-outs for his replacement; now it is up to Shirley to convince him otherwise.
McHale's Navy Scuttlebutt (TV-PG) After Tinker is dumped for a fighter pilot, Gruber and the rest of the crew attempt to make him feel better by coming up with and spreading a rumor.
McHale's Navy The August Teahouse of Quint McHale (TV-PG) McHale and his crew attempt to convince Captain Binghamton that his losing his mind, in order to force him to take a leave of absence.
Hazel George's Man Friday (TV-G) Hazel helps a care-free gambler get a new job as Georges assistant; Georges new employee surprises everyone by proposing to Hazel.
Hazel The Investor (TV-G) After a bakers wife leaves him, leaving him there to work alone, Hazel decides to invest in a portion of a bakery and starts to take a second job there.
I Dream of Jeannie The Case of My Vanishing Master, Part 2 (TV-G) Roger arrives at the wedding just in time to keep Jeannie from marrying Tony's look-alike, but when the real Tony comes back she mistakes him for the fake one.
It Takes a Killer Lethal Payback (HD, TV-14) When a construction site is tainted with bloodshed, detectives launch a man-hunt for a culprit they've been suspicious of since they took on the homicide case.
It Takes a Killer The Son of Sam (HD, TV-14) A deranged man terrorizes New York City residents during the 1970s until his letters, a witness and a parking ticket led to his eventual arrest.
It Takes a Killer A Cold-Blooded Cover Up (HD, TV-14) Tragedy strikes in rural Minnesota when police officers discover a missing woman's dead body dumped next to an abandoned farmhouse.
Forensic Files Dark Waters (HD, TV-14) A young man is killed while his friend is critically injured when a boat collides with their vessel, and the other driver flees from the scene.
Forensic Files Grave Danger (HD, TV-14) Cops investigate a death scene that at first glance appears accidental, but further probing indicates that perhaps the victim was murdered.
Forensic Files A Novel Idea (HD, TV-14) A frantic husband relates to the 911 dispatcher how his wife was severely injured by falling down a flight of stairs in their home.
« Cellar Dweller (TV-14, R, *) A comic book artist dies after he creates a demon from a drawing in a mysterious old book and years later an ambitious student revives the deadly creature.
Witchboard (TV-14, R, **) A guest brings a Ouija board to a party and calls up a spirit, but it becomes apparent that the spirit has evil intentions.
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