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Action News at 10 on PHL17 (New) Evening updates on local, regional, national and international news events affecting the Philadelphia area provided by the Action News Team.
Modern Family Family Portrait (HD, TV-PG) Claire plans a family portrait; Gloria and Manny go to a game with Phil and Alex; Luke interviews Jay; Cameron works as a wedding singer.
The Arsenio Hall Show (HD, Repeat, TV-14) From "Saint George," actor and comic George Lopez; from "Trophy Wife" actor Albert Tsai; comic Camille Solari performs.
Are We There Yet? The First .45 Episode (HD, TV-PG) Lindsey's quickly failing reality TV show about her family's daily goings-on turns dramatic after Kevin gets a hold of his mother's gun.
Family Guy I Never Met the Dead Man (TV-14) Peter goes into shock, after he disables the entire Quahog cable system while giving Meg driving lessons; Stewie plots to rid the world of broccoli.
Sanford and Son The Merger (TV-PG) Julio has grown tired of the junk business, so Lamont comes up with an idea that Sanford & Son Salvage should merge with Julio's business.
Sanford and Son Once a Thief (TV-PG) Lamont's friend, Herman, has just been released from prison and does not have a place to reside, so Lamont says he may stay at the Sanford residence.
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 1 (TV-PG) Florida realizes a student on her bus has a hearing problem, but the child's mother refuses to believe Florida's discovery.
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 2 (TV-PG) After a near fatal accident, Larry's mother finally comes to terms with his hearing problem and allows Florida to take him to the doctor.
Three's Company The Fast (TV-PG) Jack attempts to go without any romantic encounters with women for a longer period of time than Chrissy can go without eating food.
Three's Company Helen's Rendezvous (TV-PG) Helen makes a date to meet up with Mr. Roper's friend to help resolve an argument, but Jack and Chrissy both assume that she is having an affair.
Thelma & Louise (TV-14, R, ***) Female best friends hit the road for a short respite from their mundane lives, but sudden violence takes them in an unexpected direction.
The Yards (R, **+) In New York, a young man fresh out of prison joins his childhood friend in working under the table for his uncle's railway car repair business as a hired thug.
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