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Action News at 10 on PHL17 (New) Evening updates on local, regional, national and international news events affecting the Philadelphia area provided by the Action News Team.
Modern Family The One That Got Away (HD, TV-PG) Jay wants a quiet birthday, but the family has other plans; Claire and Mitchell get trapped; Phil runs into his old nemesis; Cameron gets into some hot water.
Friends The One After the Super Bowl, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Ross discovers Marcel's career in commercials while visiting him in California; Joey's first fan turns out to be a delusional stalker.
Friends The One with the Videotape (HD, TV-14) Ross and Rachel argue over who initiated their latest tryst, so they go to Ross's video to prove who came on to who; Monica and Chandler talk about honeymoon.
Family Guy Screwed the Pooch (TV-14) Brian confesses to Peter and Lois that he has had sexual yearnings lately, so Lois suggests that Brian join them for a change of scenery.
Sanford and Son The Shootout (TV-PG) Lamont buys an antique gun for a bargain and brings it home; Fred uses the gun to re-enact war stories, but accidentally fires it into the neighbor's house.
Sanford and Son Blood is Thicker Than Junk (TV-PG) Lamont is tired of working with Fred and putting up with his antics at the junkyard, so he quits and seeks employment from a rival junk collector.
Good Times The Judy Cohen Story (TV-PG) J.J. discovers a talented singer and impulsively signs up to be her manager; an underage Michael and his singing group book a gig at a bar.
Good Times The Comedian and the Loan Sharks (TV-PG) J.J. borrows money from a loan shark to promote the comic he manages, but his new client's overwhelming case of nerves places J.J.'s livelihood on the line.
Three's Company Janet's Secret (TV-PG) When Janet's parents stop in for a visit, they assume that she and Jack are married and Janet must pretend that they really are to avoid any questions.
Three's Company Father of the Bride (TV-PG) Cindy is blinded by the wealth of an older man who wants to marry her, leading Jack and Janet to take drastic action.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (TV-PG, PG, ***) A pair of smooth-talking con artists on the French Riviera makes a bet to see which of them will be the first to bilk a naive woman out of her fortune.
That Sinking Feeling (TV-PG) Four bored and unemployed teens in Glasgow dress up as girls and use a stop-motion potion in an attempt to steal stainless steel sinks from a warehouse.
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